Privacy Policy

Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble considers the privacy of its customers and the security of their personal data as an important issue and strictly manages the collection, use and sharing of this data. This Privacy Policy explains how personal data collected by Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble will be used and how this data will be protected.

Collection of Personal Data

Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble includes personal data collected at the request of its customers or as a result of their use of our services. This data may include name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and address details. In addition, the data generated while using the services offered by Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble may also be among the personal data.

Use of Personal Data

Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble will use the personal data it collects to make it easier for its customers to use our services, to make our services more effective and efficient, to better understand and resolve customers’ requests and complaints, and to provide better service to customers.

Sharing of Personal Data

Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble will not share the personal data of its customers with third parties, but will have the right to share this data in the event of a legal obligation or with the express consent of the customer.

Data Security

Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble will take all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect the security of its customers’ personal data.