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Ibiza White 1. Quality (Blanco Ibiza)

Ibiza White marble is characterized by its grey veins and white ground color. The natural lines and veins on its surface create a different look and characteristic in each block. Thanks to these characteristics, Ibiza White marble is a suitable option for different design styles used indoors and outdoors. Ibiza White marble can be used for kitchen countertops, sinks, stair treads, flooring, wall coverings, table tops, pool edges and many other building and decoration projects. It is also frequently used in the restoration of historical buildings. Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble has been processing Ibiza White marble for years and has been used in many projects in Turkey and abroad. The factory produces high quality, durable and aesthetically beautiful Ibiza White marble.

Ibiza White Marble

Ibiza White Marble in the White Marble collection is one of the popular marble types. This collection has been the choice of many architects and designers. Due to its denser and thinner veins, it reflects its aesthetics in many areas in a natural and strong way. Nowadays, marble tables can be found on bathroom floors or walls, in hotels and yachts, etc. is a stone recommended in projects. Ibiza white marble; It will help you a lot when you want to highlight a certain place such as tables, VIP venues, television units, fireplaces. At the same time, another product of ours, ibiza white second quality can be a very good alternative for you.

Ibiza White Marble Price Per Square Meter

We offer quality, safe and easily accessible service to our valued customers in our factory where we use modern technologies. With the importance we attach to customer satisfaction and quality-oriented work, our company, which aims to establish long-term cooperation and trust-based relationships, has achieved great success by building on solid foundations in the sector. In this context, our goal is to take part in successful projects and to use this robust material in the most efficient way. Another sensitivity is to establish a fair and secure commercial relationship by determining the most appropriate price for quality. For this reason, we attach importance to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction factors when determining ibiza white marble prices. We take extra care for our company vision with quality production and on-time delivery. In order to be able to talk about prices suitable for every budget, our prices that we have determined for you by our company, taking into account the quality of marble, vary according to the size and dimensions. 1st quality marble between 25$-30$, 2nd quality marble is priced between 20$-25$ and marble plate is priced between 35$-40$. We remind you once again that these prices will vary according to quality, size, size and dimensions.

Ibiza White SLAB

We process ibiza white marble from the quarries in Kavaklıdere and meet your demands for ibiza white plate. We export 50% of our ibiza white plate, block and sized products to the domestic market and 50% to the foreign market. Ibiza white, known as Bianco Ibiza in the foreign market, you need to consider many details from the place where it will be used to the way it is applied. Therefore, quality and trust is the first factor in white marble. Marbles lower than their own standards may break or wear out. The characteristic veins and color transitions are caused by impurities in the limestone that move and recrystallize as the stone turns into marble. In commercial applications, the term “marble” can refer to a variety of geological formulations, including true calcite and dolomite marbles, as well as travertine, serpentine and hard limestone.

Ibiza White Block

We produce ibiza white blocks in our factory. We kindly ask you to contact us for ibiza white block prices. We process our products in our factory in Örentaht region and offer them to our customers. We would like to remind you that we are a business that has the capacity to produce solutions to all problems with our experience and experience in the marble sector, and we would like you to know that we will be transparent throughout our entire commercial process.

Ibiza White Types

Ibiza white types are generally distinguished in terms of quality.

  • Ibiza White 1. Quality
  • Ibiza White 2. Quality
  • Ibiza White 1 and 2. quality mixed
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Ibiza White