Marble Ibiza White

MARBLE IBIZA WHITE Marble Ibiza White is a type of white marble obtained from Muğla province located in southwestern Turkey and has gained worldwide fame. Thanks to its distinctive whiteness, excellent workability and durability, this natural stone is highly appreciated by architects and designers and is ideal

White Ibiza Marble

WHITE IBIZA MARBLE Ibiza White Marble is a white coloured marble variety known worldwide and mined especially in Muğla province of Turkey. This unique type of marble stands out with its aesthetic appearance, durability and wide usage areas. In this article, we will focus on the features

Ibiza White Marble

IBIZA WHITE MARBLE Marble, one of the most valuable and beautiful materials offered by nature, has been used by humanity for centuries. Marble, which is a popular choice for both architectural structures, sculptures and decorations, has different colours and textures throughout the world. Among Turkey’s rich marble