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Ibiza White 1st Quality

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Ibiza White 2nd Quality

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Ibiza White Plate

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As Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble, we work with years of experience. From the quarries in Kavaklidere, we produce marble in its most natural form with our factory located in Örentaht region. Our factory has 2000m² closed and 15000m² open area. Our company is a customer satisfaction, quality-oriented and nature-respecting company that offers ibiza white to its customers in the highest quality way in our region.

Our Factory

Our factory located in Aydın Örentaht region has 2000m² closed and 15000m² open area. In our factory, we produce with 2 ST and 1 catrak. We process the Ibiza White Block Marbles we buy from the Kavaklıdere region in our factory and size them according to the wishes of our customers.


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Ibiza White

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From the Depths of Marble History to the Present

From Egyptian temples to Greek acropolises, from Roman amphitheaters to medieval castles, from Gothic cathedrals to Renaissance artifacts, from Seljuk and Ottoman palaces, baths, mosques and fountains to the train stations, airports, administrative buildings, shopping malls and residences of the modern era.

Ibiza White

It has a white color, veinless and homogeneous structure. Ibiza White Marble is often used in interior decoration to create a rich look and luxurious feel. However, it is also an ideal choice for exterior facades and claddings.

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Ibiza White

Ibiza White Ibiza white marble, named after our province, is known as White Ibiza or White Ibiza in the global market. Also known as Blanco Ibiza. In recent years, its use has become widespread in many projects both in Turkey and abroad, and it is among Turkey's most exported products among natural stones. ibiza white marble is a Mesozoic aged marble with abrasive content produced from numerous marble quarries along the Milas-Yatağan-Kavaklıdere line. Ibiza white marble has high hardness and strength. Ibiza white marble has low porosity, marble with low porosity is more durable and long-lasting Ibiza white marble has a homogeneous structure and its crystal size is smaller than other marbles. Therefore, it readily accepts the polishing process as it facilitates the machining process and makes the end product more durable. The production of this marble is a difficult and painstaking process. First, the area to be cut in the quarry is determined and boreholes are drilled. With the help of diamond-tipped wires in these holes, the mass is made independent. In the second step, the masses taken from the mountain were sized by wire cutting method in machines according to their smoothness and color. Finally, the blocks are transported by trucks to the Muğla marble factories site and lowered to the site with the help of a crane. Ibiza white marble is generally used in interior and exterior facades, flooring, handrail and decor applications. White colored marble groups are preferred mainly in Turkey, but also in America, Azerbaijan and especially in Arab countries. You can get help from our company for technical information and marble supply for ibiza white marble that you will need in your projects. Any stone that can be cut, polished or surface treated and whose stone properties (material properties) conform to the norms for paving stones is known as marble in the commercial language. Ibiza White Prices are very economical compared to other marbles. You can also benefit from a hassle-free service as it is priced with economic payment. Ibiza White is priced at $25-$30 for 1st quality, $20-$25 for 2nd quality, and $35-$40 for license plates. These prices may vary according to the size and dimensions you will determine. You can buy Blanco Ibiza marble by evaluating the prices suitable for the marble varieties market.

Ibiza White Marble

Ibiza White Marble, It is located in Muğla province of Turkey. Turkey, located in the Alpine belt, has one of the world's richest natural stone formations and there is a wide variety and large amount of marble from these sources. Moreover, due to a developing industry and technologically advanced production, Turkey is among the world's most important natural stone producing countries. These important marble resources are widely distributed throughout Anatolia and Thrace. Ibiza white marble stands out in the market by showing a feature that can be used in both exterior and interior spaces in accordance with every budget. Ibiza White Marble Types White color is generally known as the type of color that gives comfort to the environment and is often recommended in many designers and architectural works. For this reason, white marble is a very popular marble in recent years. A timeless color in terms of design and harmony as well as ease of use, white marble adds elegance to your home. We can say that its extra feature adds an incredible freshness to homes and is easy to clean. Our company, where you can find all varieties from extra quality to the lowest quality, continues to send ibiza white marble varieties to domestic and abroad. Decoration styles, which are constantly changing and in need of innovation, come up with different areas of use every day.

Ibiza White Properties

If we talk about Ibiza White Features, we can first say that it is a type of marble famous for its durability. Ibiza white, which has become a very attractive product with its other features, is demanded by many countries in the world.
  • It is a 100% natural stone.
  • Ibiza white marble has a stylish, aesthetic and minimal appearance.
  • It is durable. Not easily affected by external factors.
  • Resistant to water and corrosion. It is non-slippery and safer for your wet areas.
  • Easy to clean. It is a hygienic type of marble.
  • Economical

Blanco Ibiza

Blanco Ibiza For those who want to make an aesthetic touch in the decoration area, they can have an innovative style by allocating space for blanco ibiza marble. Decorative products and items created with marble attract attention with their stylish stance in the design world.

Bianco Ibiza

Bianco Ibiza Marbles in white, beige and gray tones can be used both indoors and outdoors. Marble is one of the most well-known types of natural stone. Can be used on various floors and surfaces. Marble is a highly suitable decorative material for many homes and workplaces with its various types and wide range of products. Marble types are applied to different floors in the form of tiles, mosaics, etc. Bianco Ibiza, ibiza white marble coating is a very popular application today. In addition, marble is a type of natural stone that is not only suitable for cladding and flooring, but also for many building materials such as marble countertops in your home. Bianco Ibiza prices vary according to the type and size of the product. So what are the applications of bianco ibiza, also known as ibiza white?
  • Sandblasting
  • Polishing
  • Funneling Process
  • Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble

    Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble operates in the marble sector with its long years of experience. We process İbiza White Marble, which we obtain from our quarries in Kavaklıdere, in our factory in Örentaht region and offer it to our customers. We work in a way that protects our natural resources and respects nature. We produce using modern technologies in our factory. We produce in an area of 2000 square meters in closed area and 15000 square meters in open area. We have various products including block, slab and sized marble. We have a respected position in the sector with our customer satisfaction and quality-oriented work. As Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble, we are a company that makes environmentally and nature-friendly production by using our natural resources in the most efficient way. We aim to build long-term relationships of cooperation and trust with our customers. You can have our quality and aesthetic products by choosing ibiza white marble, which stands out with its natural beauty.
  • Ibiza White Sized.
  • Ibiza White Block
  • Ibiza White Plate.
  • Ibiza White Block

    We have Ibiza White Block production and sales. The only thing you need to do to examine our ibiza white block products is to contact us. Our block, slab and sized marble sales are produced according to your requests. You can get an immediate offer for your orders in blocks of Ibiza White marble. As a business that dominates the problems in the marble sector, we realize all your demands and requests with a transparent understanding of trade.    
    01. Which Products Do You Produce?

    We produce Ibiza White in our factory. We process in the sizes you want. Ibiza White Block and Ibiza White Plate sales are also available.

    02. Which Countries Do You Ship To?

    As Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble, we export 50% of our production abroad. There is no country we do not ship to. We receive orders from all countries of the world.

    03. Which Processes Can You Apply to Marble?

    We do polishing, sandblasting, honing processes.

    04. In which ways do you conduct interviews?

    Call us, send us a message or visit our factory. We would be happy to have a coffee with you.

    05. How much are Mugla white prices?

    The marble you order in our company is priced at $25-$30 for 1st quality, $20-$25 for 2nd quality, and $35-$40 for slabs. These prices may vary according to the size and dimensions you specify.

    06. How much are ibiza white plate prices?

    Muğla Beyazı plaka ortalama 35$-40$ aralığında fiyatlandırılır. Bu fiyatlar belirleyeceğiniz ölçü ve ebatlara göre değişiklik gösterebilir.

    07. Do you have other types of marble besides Ibiza white?

    Yes, you can get detailed information about our other products by calling us.

    We approach all your needs in the marble sector transparently and solve your problems.