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Frequently Asked Questions

    01. Which Products Do You Produce?

    We produce Ibiza White in our factory. We process in the sizes you want. Block and plate sales are also available.

    02. Which Countries Do You Transport To?

    As Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble, we export 50% of our production abroad. There is no country we do not ship to. We receive orders from all countries of the world.

    03. Which Processes Can You Apply to Marble?

    We do polishing, sandblasting, honing processes.

    04. In which ways do you conduct interviews?

    Call us, send us a message or visit our factory. We would be happy to have a coffee with you.


    We Produce, Process, Export!

    Blanco Ibiza (Muğla White) is the purest form of White Marble with a simple and noble appearance. It has a leading place among the most preferred marbles worldwide and ensures customer satisfaction after use. Blanco Ibiza attracts attention with its resistance to UV rays and preserving its original color for many years like the first day. It is also offered to customers with Sandblasting, Polished and Honed options.

    Contact Us!

    We Process, Produce, Export!


    Örmepınar, 09760 Bozdoğan/Aydın


    E-mail :
    WhatsApp: +90 532 675 64 45

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