Ibiza White Types

Ibiza white marble is the most preferred marble in the marble stone segment, which is a type of natural stone, with its color and texture that is affordable and adaptable to every concept in projects and buildings. For this reason, ibiza white varieties stand out in the market especially in recent years. Ibiza white marble, which is frequently preferred in domestic and international projects, stands out as the most suitable marble type among its competitors in terms of price/performance. Ibiza white sills, steps, handrails and skirting boards are of interest for companies looking for affordable marble for domestic projects.

Ibiza White Properties

The base color of ibiza white marble is white. There are gray, yellow and pink vein transitions. It has a high crystal structure. It is one of the stones with the highest degree of hardness among white stones. For this reason, it is the most affordable marble series that we consume the most in the domestic market and can meet our white stone needs in almost every project. It is one of the most preferred products in all kinds of interior projects, interior and exterior floors, bathrooms and spas, tomb applications, tables and coffee tables, windowsills and stairs.

Ibiza White Marble Types

Ibiza white varieties offer many different types of marble to consumers. These types include ibiza white block, ibiza white plate, flooring, rubble, tile step, ibiza white sill. Our company, where you can find ibiza white license plate 1 and ibiza white second quality varieties, stands out with its reasonable prices and continuity in domestic and international license plate sales. However, the best quality ibiza white marble windowsills are produced and sold in our company. One of our products that are constantly in stock is ibiza white windowsill types. Ibiza White marble is generally recommended for indoor use, but it has also become popular for outdoor use. You can capture an authentic natural look in your residential and commercial projects. The refreshing white color is reflected in the marble stone and is sought after for its shiny appearance and veined pattern. It is recommended not only in sheet metal, but also when covering tiles or floor surfaces. You can use ibiza white marble to add variety and beauty to the room.

Blanco Ibiza

Blanco Ibiza can be used in all kinds of decorative projects, interior and exterior flooring, bathroom and bath works, table and coffee table applications, windowsills and stair cladding. It is known that marble has been widely used by many civilizations, societies and cultures throughout history and white marble is the representative of wealth and nobility. The freshness and freshness that the white color adds to the space undoubtedly makes individuals feel in a clean and fresh environment. In this context, blanco ibiza varieties, which can be mined widely in our country, are perfect for structures and interiors designed for this purpose. The color characteristic of Blanco Ibiza marble can be defined by the color of the white tone that looks a little gray. For product details It can be said that it is a type of marble in the cheap series that we consume most frequently in the domestic market and that we can meet our white stone needs for almost all projects.

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Ibiza White Marble Applications

Honed, brushed, etc. It is a natural stone that can also be surface treated. Standard plate, sheet thicknesses are 3cm and 2cm. According to customer requests, it can be cut in different thicknesses and different sizes such as 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm. This magnificent Muğla marble has grown rapidly in the last 10 years. With this growth, it has been exported to many different sectors and many countries. It can take its place at the top of the lists as the most diversified marble according to its usage areas. The most commonly used areas are kitchen countertops, bathrooms, washbasin chairs, tables, coffee tables, cemeteries, flooring, facade cladding. It is the best marble that our valued customers can use according to their needs. As Yörükoğlu Kardeşler, we always strive to offer the best to our customers, so we want you to meet our special Muğla marble models and Ibiza white varieties. It’s time to meet our most beautiful marble varieties and models with high quality standards. Get the best model without wasting any more time. Capture the beautiful perfection of nature in your home, workplace, office and buildings. Carry the natural beauty of Muğla to your home, workplaces, offices and buildings with the most unique pieces that will bring your decoration pleasure to the peaks.

Ibiza White m2 Price

Ibiza White is priced at quality is priced at 25$-30$, 2nd quality is priced at 20$-25$, and slabs are priced at 35$-40$. Ibiza White Marble prices vary according to size and dimensions, thickness, slabs, tiles, etc. Contact us now to get more detailed information and to learn about the affordable price advantages we offer you. You can follow us on Instagram.