Marble Ibiza White is a type of white marble obtained from Muğla province located in southwestern Turkey and has gained worldwide fame. Thanks to its distinctive whiteness, excellent workability and durability, this natural stone is highly appreciated by architects and designers and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Here is everything you need to know about Marble Ibiza White.

1. History and Origins

The origins of the Marble Ibiza White date back to about 200 million years ago. Considering that many civilisations have ruled in Anatolian lands throughout history, it is seen that this marble has been used as a valuable building material since ancient times. It is known that Marble Ibiza White was widely used in buildings and decorations, especially during the Roman and Byzantine periods.

2. Taş Ocakları ve Üretim

Marble Ibiza White is extracted from marble quarries in Muğla province of Turkey. These quarries are an important source for Turkey, which accounts for about 40 per cent of the world’s marble production. Muğla marble quarries produce approximately 1.5 million tonnes of marble annually and this production constitutes a large portion of Turkey’s marble exports.

3. Physical and Mechanical Properties

Marble Ibiza White has valuable properties such as low water absorption rate, high compressive strength and excellent workability. This natural stone is resistant to external factors thanks to its density and hardness. In addition, the natural porous structure of marble provides heat and sound insulation. Thanks to these features, Marble Ibiza White is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

4. Areas of Use

The usage areas of Marble Ibiza White are quite diverse. It is frequently used in interior and exterior claddings, floor and wall coverings, kitchen worktops, bathroom and washbasin areas. At the same time, the aesthetic appearance of this marble also stands out in decorative uses such as sculptures and ornaments. Various structures and spaces such as airports, hotels, residences, shopping centres and office buildings benefit from the beauty and durability of Marble Ibiza White.

5. Restoration and Renovation Projects

Marble Ibiza White is a material frequently used in restoration and renovation projects of historical buildings. This marble, which is the original material of ancient buildings, is preferred for the purpose of protecting and improving the historical texture of the buildings by reusing it. Marble Ibiza White is found in important archaeological sites in Turkey and in restoration works of historical monuments worldwide.

6. Sustainable Mining and Environmental Sensitivity

Environmental sensitivity and sustainable mining practices are of great importance during the production of Ibiza White Marble. During the operation of marble quarries and the realisation of production, attention is paid to issues such as protection of the natural environment, energy efficiency and waste management. In this way, the production and use of Marble Ibiza White contributes to the protection of ecological balance.

7. Marble Ibiza White in the World Market

The unique features of Ibiza White Marble allow it to have wide usage areas. It can be used in indoor and outdoor applications such as flooring, wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplaces and stairs. It is also preferred in works of art, sculptures, furniture and decoration products.

8. Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning are important to maintain the durability and beauty of the marble Ibiza White. When cleaning this natural stone, acidic or abrasive cleaning materials should be avoided. Instead, pH-balanced cleaners specially produced for marble should be used for cleaning marble surfaces. It is recommended to use carpets or mats on marble floors to prevent wear and tear. It is also useful to apply water-based impregnation to protect the marble against liquid stains.

9. Future Marble Ibiza White

Marble Ibiza White will continue to be a material to be preferred by architects, interior architects and designers in the future. The variety of usage areas and aesthetic value of this natural stone will ensure that it will play an important role in new generation buildings and projects. In addition, Marble Ibiza White, produced with sustainable mining practices and environmental awareness, will contribute to the development of ecological and sustainable building understanding.


Marble Ibiza White, as an important representative of Turkey’s rich natural stone resources, stands out as a globally demanded and respected material. The aesthetic, durability and workability properties of this precious marble add a noble and elegant atmosphere to the spaces. Marble Ibiza White, which contributes significantly to Turkey’s marble exports, has achieved great success in the world market and finds its place in prestigious international projects. Produced with sustainable mining practices and environmental sensitivity in mind, this marble will remain an indispensable material in the world of architecture and design in the future.

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