It is a type of marble quarried in the province of Muğla in southwestern Turkey and has a great reputation worldwide. The fame of this precious natural stone has become a popular choice not only in Turkey but also around the world. Ibiza White Slab, which attracts attention with its aesthetic appearance, quality and durability, is preferred in many areas such as flooring, wall cladding, countertops and decoration in interior and exterior spaces.

Features of the Ibiza White Slab

Ibiza White Slab has an elegant and sophisticated appearance dominated by white and grey tones. The fact that this marble has a smooth and homogenous structure is one of the most important features that distinguish it from other marble types. In addition, thanks to its high durability and water resistance, it is also a very suitable option for outdoor applications.

Application Areas of Ibiza White Slab

  1. Floor Coating: Ibiza White Slab is a preferred option for both indoors and outdoors in floor coverings. Thanks to its durability and water resistance, it is ideal for outdoor use, especially in gardens and terraces.
  2. Wall Cladding: This marble can also be used for wall cladding. It is preferred in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens because it is resistant to water and moisture.
  3. Worktops: Ibiza White Slab can also be used in kitchen and bathroom worktops. The resistance of this natural stone to stains and scratches makes it an ideal option for countertops.
  4. Decoration: Ibiza White Slab is also used for decorative purposes due to its aesthetic appearance. Fireplaces, columns and other decorative elements are characterised by the elegant and sophisticated appearance of this marble.
  5. Stairs and Steps: Ibiza White Slab is also used on stairs and steps. Its slip resistance and durability create a safe and robust structure in these areas.
  6. Swimming Pools and Spa: The water and moisture resistance of this marble allows it to be used in areas such as swimming pools and spas. In addition, the cooling and calming effect of natural stone creates an ideal atmosphere in such areas.

Advantages of Ibiza White Slab

  1. Aesthetic Appearance: Ibiza White Slab has an elegant and sophisticated appearance dominated by white and grey tones. In this way, it is a marble that can adapt to all kinds of decoration styles and adds a luxurious atmosphere to the spaces.
  2. Durability: The high durability of this marble makes it a long-lasting and useful building material. Furthermore, its resistance to stains, scratches and water makes it an ideal choice for many applications.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Ibiza White Slab can be easily cleaned and maintained because it has low porosity. This feature is a great advantage, especially in areas of intensive use such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  4. Natural Stone: Since Ibiza White Slab is a natural stone, it creates a healthy and sustainable living space when used indoors and outdoors Environmentally Friendly: Since Ibiza White Slab is a natural material, it offers an environmentally friendly building option. The use of this marble helps to reduce energy consumption and contributes to the conservation of natural resources.
  5. Recyclable: Ibiza White Slab can be recycled and used in the production of new building materials at the end of its useful life. This feature offers an important advantage for sustainable buildings and environmentally sensitive projects.

Maintenance and Protection of Ibiza White Slab

  1. Cleaning: Non-acidic cleaners should be used for cleaning the Ibiza White Slab. Acidic cleaners can cause damage to the surface of the marble and cause it to lose its shine over time.
  2. Stain Prevention: To prevent stains that may occur on marble surfaces, it is important to clean up liquid spills quickly. You can also prevent dust and dirt from accumulating by wiping the surface frequently.
  3. Protective Coating: Protective coatings should be applied periodically to increase the durability of the Ibiza White Slab and to ensure that its surface is protected for a longer period of time. These coatings increase the marble’s resistance to water and stains.
  4. Scratch Protection: To prevent scratches that may occur on marble surfaces, soft pads or felt can be used under heavy objects. You can also protect worktop surfaces by using cutting boards for cutting operations.

The Importance of Ibiza White Slab and Its Contribution to the Economy

Ibiza White Slab, which has an important place in Turkey’s marble exports, makes significant contributions to the national economy. Considering that Turkey has a significant potential in natural stone production and exports, Ibiza White Slab is expected to gain even greater value in the international market.

Ibiza White Slab, which is used extensively especially in the construction and decoration sectors, has a large share in Turkey’s marble production. This situation creates a great business potential for marble producers and suppliers.

As a result, Ibiza White Slab, as one of Turkey’s prestigious marble varieties, makes significant contributions to both the national economy and the construction and decoration sectors. This precious natural stone, which attracts attention with its aesthetic and functional features, has a worldwide reputation and has gained the trust of users. By choosing this natural stone, you will add value to your living spaces and meet a long-lasting, durable building material. Ibiza White Slab makes your living spaces more beautiful and prestigious by offering luxury and quality together.

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