Turkey’s Most Spectacular Natural Stone Quarry

Ibiza White is a unique natural stone quarried in the southwestern Turkish province of Mugla, which is growing in popularity around the world. This special type of marble stands out not only for its striking white color and elegant texture, but also for its durability and ease of use. Here is detailed information about the superior properties of Ibiza White and how you can use this natural stone in different projects.

Characteristics of Ibiza White

Ibiza White attracts attention with its high quality structure and uniquely beautiful white color. The properties of this natural stone are as follows:

  1. High durability: Ibiza White is a type of marble with high durability thanks to its density and hardness. This feature is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor projects.
  2. Water resistance: This white marble is resistant to water and humidity due to its low water absorption rate. This makes it ideal for use in humid environments, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.
  3. Scratch resistance: The hard structure of Ibiza White makes its surface scratch resistant. Therefore, it can be preferred in areas subject to intensive use.
  4. Aesthetics and elegance: This natural stone is very aesthetic and elegant with its white color and fine veined structure. In this way, it adds an air of luxury and sophistication to spaces.

Usage Areas of Ibiza White

Thanks to the durability and aesthetic appearance of Ibiza White, it can be used in many different areas. Here are some of the uses of this natural stone:

  1. Floor covering: Ibiza White can be used as flooring material in homes, offices and commercial areas. Its bright and stylish appearance gives spaces a spacious and bright atmosphere.
  2. Wall cladding: Ibiza White can also be preferred for interior and exterior wall coverings. When used on building facades, it provides a modern and prestigious look. Indoors, it is used on bathroom and kitchen walls, emphasizing the cleanliness and spaciousness of the space.
  3. Countertops and sinks: This white marble is suitable for kitchen countertops and bathroom sinks. Thanks to its durability and stain-resistant properties, it is ideal for long-term use.
  4. Stairs and steps: Ibiza White’s non-slip properties and durability allow its use for stairs and steps. It also adds elegance and aesthetic value in stair and step applications.
  5. Architectural details and decorations: This natural stone can be used for columns, fireplaces, baseboards and various architectural details. In this way, it gives spaces an original and precious touch.

Care and Cleaning of Ibiza White

While Ibiza White is a natural stone that is easy to maintain and clean, it is important to take some precautions to ensure its longevity and durability:

  1. Periodic cleaning: The surface should be cleaned regularly to remove dust and dirt. Using a damp cloth and mild detergent, gently wipe the surface.
  2. Stain prevention: Liquid spills should be wiped up quickly to prevent stains from forming. Also avoid using cleaning agents with acidic ingredients on the surface.
  3. Natural stone protective application: In order to protect the surface of Ibiza White and make it more durable, natural stone protective applications should be applied periodically.

Ibiza White is one of Turkey’s rich natural stone resources and is attracting more and more attention worldwide. Thanks to the aesthetics and durability of this natural stone, you can add value and prestige to spaces by using it in different projects.

Environmentally Friendly Aspects of Ibiza White

Another advantage of Ibiza White is that it is environmentally friendly. Natural stones are considered sustainable and renewable resources. Therefore, by choosing Ibiza White, you will be using a building material that is both environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

Creative Projects with Ibiza White

Thanks to the aesthetic and functional features of Ibiza White, you can realize many creative projects. Here are some suggestions that can be made with this natural stone:

  1. Artistic wall panels: Ibiza White can be used for artistic wall panels and reliefs. In this way, you can add a unique and sophisticated touch to your living spaces.
  2. Pool and garden landscapes: Use this white marble for pool surrounds and garden paths to give your outdoor spaces a luxurious and elegant look.
  3. Furniture and accessory designs: Ibiza White can be used for original furniture and accessory designs. For example, you can add value to your spaces with marble coffee tables, tables and lighting units.
  4. Spa and bath projects: This natural stone can be used in spa and hammam projects, giving spaces a fresh, clean and relaxing atmosphere.
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Pricing and Supply of Ibiza White

Ibiza White Prices vary according to quality, size and processing method. When sourcing this natural stone, it is important to work with manufacturers and suppliers that offer reliable and quality products.

Ibiza white is one of the most luxurious and durable marble varieties produced in Turkey. Prices may vary according to size and dimensions and 1st quality marble 25$ – 30$, 2nd quality marble can be priced between 20$ – 25$ and marble slabs between 35$ – 40$. Ibiza white is a preferred material with its hygienic and easy-to-clean structure. Ibiza white, which is also very valuable in terms of aesthetics, can be used in flooring or wall coverings of houses, workplaces and touristic facilities. Yörükoğlu Kardeşler Marble offers Ibiza white marble at the most affordable prices and guarantees its quality and luxury.