Ibiza Marble Factories

The marble factories in and around Muğla are known for producing high quality dimension and block marble used in prestigious projects globally. These factories, which are among the important marble producers in our country, achieve great success in the global market thanks to their rich marble deposits and state-of-the-art production facilities. In this article, we will discuss the production processes of Turkey’s most important marble factories, including Ibiza marble and Ibiza white, the uses of dimension and block marbles, and the future prospects of the sector.

Importance of Marble Factories

Our country has an important position in world marble production. In particular, marble factories in Muğla and neighboring provinces have a large contribution to Turkey’s marble exports. These production facilities make significant contributions to the Turkish economy by supplying sized marble and block marble to domestic and foreign customers.

Dimension marble is marble that is cut according to predetermined dimensions and shapes and whose surface is polished or honed. Block marble, on the other hand, are large marble blocks extracted from marble quarries and transported to factories for further processing. Both products are widely used in construction and decoration.

Ibiza White

Ibiza white is considered one of the most valuable and most demanded natural stones in Turkey. This marble is famous for its elegant patterns in shades of white and gray. Ibiza marble is frequently preferred in luxury housing projects, hotels, shopping centers and public buildings.

Ibiza white is another type of marble that has similar characteristics to Ibiza marble and is in demand worldwide. Ibiza white is used in prestigious projects and decoration applications due to its high durability and aesthetic appearance.

Dimensioned and Block Marble Production

Marble factories use carefully selected natural stones for the production of dimension and block marble. After being extracted from marble quarries, these stones are transported to factories where the necessary processes are carried out. The production process consists of cutting the marble into blocks, sizing, surface treatment and packaging.

Block Marble Production

Block marble production starts in marble quarries. Blocks of appropriate quality and size are extracted from the quarry using special cutting and extraction methods. After being transported to the factories, the blocks are stored, where they are selected according to customers and offered for sale.

Dimensioned Marble Production

For the production of dimensioned marble, block marbles are first cut according to the determined dimensions. At this stage, cutting technology and precision are of great importance for product quality. The marble slabs are then sliced according to the desired thickness.

The sliced plates are subjected to surface treatments. Surface treatments include options such as polishing, honing and brushing. These processes determine the aesthetic appearance and usage characteristics of marble. Finally, the sized marbles are packaged and shipped to customers.

Dimensioned and Block Marble Usage Areas

Dimensioned and block marbles are widely used in the construction and decoration sector. Dimensional marbles are preferred for indoor and outdoor applications such as floor coverings, wall coverings, countertops and steps. Block marbles are used in the production of sculptures, monuments and special design products.

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